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In a joint venture with the local conglomerate DAL Group, Air Arabia Group has declared its intention to establish an airline in Sᴜᴅᴀɴ. According to a 22 September statement, Air Arabia Sᴜᴅᴀɴ, which will have its base at Khartoum International airport, will use a fleet of “new Airbus A320 planes” and will follow the low-cost business strategy used by Air Arabia Group.

According to Air Arabia, the process of obtaining “necessary clearances and licenses” for the north African operation will start “shortly,” and information regarding the network’s breadth and fleet size would be made public “in due course.”

The announcement makes no mention of how ownership will be divided between Air Arabia Group and DAL Group, a privately held Sᴜᴅᴀɴese company that is active in the food, engineering, and agricultural industries.

According to Cerium Schedules statistics for September, Badr Airlines, another local carrier, and Tarco Air are the top two operators in terms of capacity out of Sᴜᴅᴀɴ. According to data from the Middle East, numerous Air Arabia Group carriers, including Emirates, Qᴀᴛᴀʀ Airways, and FlyDubai, as well as the national carrier Saudia, Flyadeal, and Flynas have a sizable capacity in Sᴜᴅᴀɴ.

The Sᴜᴅᴀɴ operation would increase Air Arabia’s expanding list of airlines outside of the UAE, which already includes Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, which is based in Sharjah. While it anticipates Fly Jinnah to start offering commercial service in Pᴀᴋɪsᴛᴀɴ soon, its new Aʀᴍᴇɴɪᴀn operator Fly Arna started operating in July.

It has additionally formed affiliates in Air Arabia Eɢʏᴘᴛ and Air Arabia Mᴀʀᴏᴄ.

The Air Arabia Group’s chief executive, Adel Ali, explained the company’s growth goals to FlightGlobal at the Dubai Air Show last year. That has always been our strategy: to make sure you can board an Air Arabia plane to travel everywhere you want to go in the Arab world and the Iɴᴅɪᴀn subcontinent.

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