Tips for Student Pilots on Best Flight School Selection – How To Choose A Flight Training School


Hello and welcome to another instructive video in my “How To” collection! Today’s topic is how to pick a reputable flight school and the selection procedure! I’m hoping this video will assist you in choosing the ideal flight school or academy for you, the aspiring pilot.

These steps are essential to take if you are committed to becoming a pilot even though they are difficult and information can occasionally be difficult to come by. Please add your own recommendations here or let others know what you found worked best for YOU while choosing a flight school.

Well, at Part-Time Pilot, we think of giving complete, thorough lessons that build on one another. We think that textbooks ought to be presented in straightforward English so that even students without prior knowledge of aviation can realize their desire of obtaining a pilot’s license. A good online flight school, in our opinion, should offer a variety of learning opportunities for each subject, including written lessons, quizzes, practice exams, eBooks, videos, live sessions, community discussions, study guides, flashcards, and explanations of the correct answers.

Finally, we think that the cost of pilot training for hard-working Americans is the primary cause of the current pilot shortage. Because of this, we think it’s important to relieve the financial burden on students by providing them with lifetime access to our online flight school content, a full money-back guarantee for ʀɪsᴋ-free purchases, the freedom to learn at their own pace, access to live 24/7 support, and the opportunity to apply for an exclusive scholarship.

Thank you for visiting our website! We hope you found something that sparked interest on our website.

Video resource: Pilot Emilie

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