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We’ll send you a photo of a winter wheat field in Western Kentucky. Small square bales of straw are being automatically collected by a New Holland H98 70 stack Cruiser. We’ll spend some time with this machine in the field discussing its features, history of manufacture, and cost. Will continue to collect it throughout the entire process, collecting up the straw bales as they travel down the road and emptying out the complete stack of 161 bales at the barn. But before we do that, let’s go to the field so you can witness this machine in action.

Straw is produced on this farm in bales measuring 14 by 18 by 36 inches and weighing around 45 pounds each. They are being made by two Kentucky-built John Deere 348 compact square tractors. The Kentucky Derby, which is held on the first Saturday in May, is particularly well-known in the horse racing industry where this field is located. Bales of straw from this field will be transported to Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as to horse farms in Lexington, Kentucky, to be used as bedding for the equine industry. The Baylor family is collecting a window of straw made up of 22 feet of agricultural debris as they move across the field at 1.4 miles per hour.

The wheat is harvested by the combine 22 feet at a time, the grain and straw are processed, the wheat seeds are placed in the grain bin, and the straw is then spread out in a windrow back on the field. The farm will create 4,000 bells with these two John Deere 3:48 Baylors on a good day for the Baylor to pick up and produce into a square Bell.

Since this field will be used for the second crop of soybeans, the farm needs to find a technique to swiftly pick up and relocate the approximately 4,000 straw bales that are currently spread out in the field. The New Holland H98 70 stack Cruiser gets the job. This motorized bale wagon can transport up to 161 bales at once, and on a good day, it can transport 25 loads from the field to the barn.

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