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CNC machine

Seco Tools
Watch as a Rotor shaft is turned smoothly for a prolonged period of time while being chopped extremely heavily. The economical screw clamped, positive insert SCMT 38 is used to mill a 25 metric ton rotor shaft. The highly heat-resistant Duratonic coating TP0500 extends a cut’s lifespan in areas where heat is continuously produced. We provide safe and effective turning and profiling solutions for castings and forgings made of materials like superalloys, making it simple to conquer the challenges of metal cutting.

Wartsila Crop
production of propellers in Santander. In Sᴘᴀɪɴ’s culinary capital Santander, Wartsila Crop manufactures our propellers and blades in this manner. In the Delivery Center Santander, Wartsila produces Energoprofin, fixed pitch propellers, and all other parts and bronze alloy castings. This foundry is a cutting-edge facility, with quick reaction times and a convenient location for customers in Europe, and it is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and casting goods. Additionally, Wartsila Crop provides whole installations based on small fixed pitch propellers, complete with every part from the coupling flange to the propeller.

Bukay Media – Michael Bukay
Koffler is winding a large motor. This demonstrates the rewinding, servicing, and testing of a huge motor. the sᴄᴏᴘe, the complexity, cooperation, and expertise needed by staff at Koffler Electrical plants in San Leandro, California. Everything is done here, from creating the wire coils to doing the vacuum pressure impregnations.
The engine seen in this video is one that’s employed at a Pearl Harbor facility. This film, created by Bukay Media, serves as an excellent illustration of how web films may effectively convey a business’s distinctive sᴋɪʟʟs to its clients and potential clients.

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