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Machine for weed management Grimme GH 6 Eco. The GH 6 is the optimum ridging Hiller when used in separate beds or with a 6-row potato planter. For use in medium- to large-scale structured agricultural regions, the GH 6 is the best option. The 6-row Ridging Hiller can be used with rows that are 75.4 to 91.4 cm apart. The GH 6 has an optional hydraulically foldable main frame that enables easy switching between fields.

For the purpose of growing potatoes and other vegetables on light soils, Grimme GH ridging Hillers allows the construction of big volume ridges. The ridging Hillers use a passive-shaping soil cultivation technique as opposed to rotating Hillers. This offers more field coverage and lowers the amount of tractor power needed. A variety of height-adjustable loosening tines can be used to loosen the soil depending on the kind of soil. The machine can be customized to the unique soil conditions with a variety of options for the best care of the ridges.

The Kuhn Vari-Mater 153 and 183 plows can be seen here. Farmers all over the world regard Kuhn Master 153 plows as the industry standard for mounted plows. Master plows’ distinctive design offers an extraordinary level of performance to produce high yields and improve your bottom line. They stand out from other plows on the market due to their ease of use, simplicity of modification to boost productivity and comfort, dependability due to solid construction and several Kuhn exclusives, and work quality due to the complete burial of residues and weeds.

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