BOEING 787 Amazing Landing Bonaire Airport RWY 10 – Life Of An Airline Pilot


Federal inspectors will continue to have the ability to certify each new 787 Dreamliner plane as airworthy, the Federal Aviation Administration said to Boeing on Tuesday as part of an increase in its monitoring of the aircraft manufacturer. It’s a significant departure from the usual practice of having designated Boeing employees to conduct certification inspections under FAA oversight.

Since May 2021, when safety regulators halted delivery for a second time because they discovered production issues in the aircraft, such as excessive gaps between fuselage panels, Boeing has not delivered any new 787 passenger airplanes to airlines. Due to production issues, the FAA also stopped 787 deliveries in late 2020.

In a statement, the FAA noted that when it ultimately permits Boeing to resume 787 deliveries, “All Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft will still be eligible for airworthiness certificates from the agency. The agency will thereafter be able to verify the success of the steps Boeing has taken to enhance the 787 manufacturing process.”

I’ll accompany you to Bonaire Flamingo Airport in the Dutch Caribbean (TNCB). a Boeing 787-9 (Dreamliner) cockpit view approach and landing on runway 10. What it’s like to fly a visual RNP approach in a Boeing 787 is demonstrated in the video. To give readers a sense of all that happens in the cockpit during landing, interesting information, approach charts, real call-outs, and Boeing procedures were incorporated.

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Video resource: DutchPilotGirl

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