My Life As A Flight Attendant On Reserve – Sᴏᴜᴛʜ Aғʀɪᴄᴀ Emirates Cabin Crew


The employee who is most noticeable to airplane passengers is the flight attendant. More than any other airline employee, flight attendants interact with passengers frequently and attend to a wide range of requirements and requests. Throughout the flight, the flight attendant must provide each passenger with the highest level of individualized service. The flight attendants are in charge of the cabin and are also responsible for the passengers’ safety and comfort, while the flight crew in the cockpit is responsible for delivering them to their destination in safety and comfort.

The safety of the aircraft cabin and the comfort of its passengers during a flight are a flight attendant’s top priorities. The majority of a flight attendant’s time is spent in the airplane’s passenger cabin. Flight attendants also ensure passenger safety while offering either lavish service to a select few first-class customers or less elaborate treatment to a large number of passengers. Providing for a wide range of wants and demands is considered service. Each passenger must receive the most attentive service feasible from the flight attendant throughout the specified period.

The flight attendant must stand, walk, kneel, bend, squat, reach, move heavy objects over shoulder height, and push and pull equipment in order to provide in-flight services to passengers and operate cabin equipment. Most of the time, flight attendants are on the move performing in-flight tasks. Flight attendants usually have to operate at peak speed in order to complete all tasks during the brief time in the air. They occasionally have to pour drinks and serve meals while flying in challenging and uncomfortable conditions. Flight attendants must maintain their composure and deliver excellent service despite the irritating and demanding nature of some passengers.

Although you could be required to help station agents with boarding or assist passengers on connecting flights, the majority of flight attendant tasks are carried out inside an aircraft. All of these responsibilities are crucial since customers frequently rely on their airline choice on the level of comfort and care they get throughout the journey.

Flight attendants must purchase uniforms and put them on while doing their duties. The majority of airlines demand that flight attendants spend between $600 and $800 on their initial uniforms. In most cases, deductions come out of your pay in installments. The airline frequently covers the cost of replacement uniforms and accessories. Top names in the fashion industry created the made-to-measure uniform, which is meant to resemble a coordinated, high-style ensemble rather than a workplace uniform. Airlines may provide flight attendants with a small monthly stipend to help with maintenance.

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