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Metal fabrication processes are frequently an efficient way to produce a given product; nevertheless, additional modern tools are required to achieve a high level of specificity and uniformity. To do this, machining tools can be used to selectively remove or finish a piece of metal or metal-based product. Modern machine tools are traditionally powered by electricity; additional automation of the machining process can be achieved by using a CNC machine tool guided by computer programming. The main advantage of modern machining tools is the exceptional uniformity they provide when producing numerous products with identical parameters and requirements.

Modern Machining Tools
A lathe consists of a revolving workpiece on which a workable object is placed, resulting in the product’s symmetrical and specified shaping. Various tools are used to cut, knurl, drill, or otherwise alter the metal while the product rotates. The friction caused by rotation provides a simple mechanism for delivering a uniform effect throughout the whole circumference of an object, making lathes an excellent choice for products that are symmetric around an axis of rotation. Lathes come in a variety of sizes, with the smallest being handheld versions used for jewelry and watchmaking.

Drilling machines, also known as drill presses, are made up of a fixed drill that is mounted or bolted to a stand or workbench. Drill presses are used in the same way that handheld and power drills are, however, the stationary nature of drill presses requires less effort to achieve proper drilling and is much more stable. Factors such as the angle of the drill spindle can be fixed and maintained to allow for repeated and consistent drilling. Pedestal drills, bench drills, and pillar drills are examples of modern drilling machines.

Milling machines, like drilling machines, use a stabilized rotating cutter to machine a piece of metal, but they are more versatile because they can also perform sideways cuts. Some modern milling machines include a mobile cutter, while others have a mobile table that moves around a stationary cutter to achieve the desired finishing effect. Hand milling machines, plain milling machines, universal milling machines, and universal milling machines are all common types of milling machines. Milling machines come in both vertical and horizontal versions.

Planers are large-scale shaping machines that move the actual metal product rather than the cutting mechanism. Planers are ideal for shaping flat or long surfaces since the result is similar to that of a milling machine. Modern milling machines outperform planers in most applications; but, planers are still useful when squaring off extremely large metal components. Grinders are modern machining tools that use an abrasive wheel to create fine finishes or faint cuts. Depending on the grinder, the abrasive wheel or product is moved from side to side to get the desired finish. Belt grinders, bench grinders, cylindrical grinders, surface grinders, and jig grinders are all examples of grinders.

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