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CNC machine

MS Forgings
MS Forgings is a hot-forged parts manufacturer. Steel tubes that have been cut and heated are used as the raw material. The heated metal is shaped into rollers and pressure hammers. Forging parts include pistons, crankshafts, flanges, gears, crankshafts, shafts, rockers, transmission parts, bushing sets, and more. Heat treatment is applied to the formed parts.

Shreowell recycling
This is the giant tire cutter (OTR) for recycling. OTR tires have six layers of steel belt, which has always been a difficult material to recycle. Shredwell’s OTR tire cutter is specifically designed for cutting massive OTR or mining tires. It has been shown to be the most dependable OTR tire cutting machine for processing large-size mine tires. Shredwell’s mining tire cutter can pre-cut giant OTR or mining tires into chunks for your tire shredding plant. Siemens motor drive hydraulic system and cylinder, place tire network to lock arm, fasten two blades rotating between the tire and shear cylinders work to move, two blades rotating blades forming shear, achieve the shear effect.

Fatzer AG
Fatzer AG’s process for making reinforced steel cables. Individual wires are stretched and twisted in a helical pattern to form a steel cable. In under two minutes, this machine transforms the wires into steel cables. Then three steel cables are wound together to form a new one that is even more resistant. Quality and resistance tests are carried out.

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